In 2010, The Academy of Finland and Canadian Institutes of Health Research granted the groups of Eero Kajantie and Saroj Saigal a consortium grant “FinCan – the Challenges of Preterm Birth from Infancy to Adulthood”. With thrust from this grant, Dr Saigal, one of the pioneers in the field, invited all known researchers who had performed follow-up studies of preterm infants to adult life.

The founding meeting of the APIC took place in conjunction with the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) conference in Denver, Colorado, USA, in May 2011. Since then the APIC has held two meetings a year: a whole-day spring meeting in conjunction with the North American PAS conference and a half-day autumn meeting in conjunction with a European Conference (EAPS or JENS).

The first manuscripts based on individual-participant meta-analyses were submitted in 2015. A number of joint grants and grant applications between APIC researchers have arisen thanks to the collaboration.